Hee Kwon Seo ("Samuel")

Research economist

Development Impact Evaluation (DIME), World Bank

Research fields

  • Development, environment, labor, and public economics

Working papers and research in progress

  • "Finding the lost in class: evidence from incentives, inputs, and complementary provisions in Tanzanian high schools" [new draft coming soon]

    • Presented at: Empirics and Methods in Economics Conference (2019); University of Chicago (2019-2020); World Bank (2020); University of Pennsylvania (2020); Sustainable Research and Innovation Congress (2021); International Conference on Energy, Aquatech and Sustainability – Special Session for Education (2021, best presentation award); Northwestern University Development Rookiefest Conference (2021); KDI School-World Bank DIME Conference on Impact Evaluation in Sustainable and Inclusive Development (2021)

  • "Group size, measurement precision, and marginal abatement cost curves: evidence from food-waste and greenhouse-gas emissions" (with Seunghoon Lee) [new draft coming soon]

    • Presented at: AEA Annual Meeting – Environmental Policy Design Paper Session (2022); International Conference on Energy, Aquatech and Sustainability (2022)

  • "Do school electrification and digital media deliver educational benefits? Experimental evidence from Tanzanian high schools" [second-year analysis pending]

  • "How do government transfer payments affect retail prices and welfare? Evidence from SNAP" (with Justin Leung) [accepted – Journal of Public Economics]

  • "Valuing the global mortality consequences of climate change accounting for adaptation costs and benefits" (with Tamma Carleton, Michael Delgado, Michael Greenstone, Solomon Hsiang, Andrew Hultgren, Amir Jina, Robert Kopp, Ishan Nath, James Rising, Ashwin Rode, Justin Simcock, Arvid Viaene, Jiacan Yuan and Alice Zhang) [forthcoming – The Quarterly Journal of Economics]